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Art Show 5

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September 25th, 2014 • The Quixotic World



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Jeremy Madl


Special Guest Jeremy Madl!
Jeremy is a legend in the vinyl toy world, having worked with brands like Kidrobot, YUM Brands, Pepsi, Scion, NFL, Upper Deck, Mattel, Spin Master Toys, and Cartoon Network. He’s also created his own licensed artwork and toy brands under the “MAD Toy Design” label for the past 9 years. Jeremy’s first production figure, the MAD*L™ debuted ten years ago to rave reviews and continues to fly off the shelves of stores worldwide.

To celebrate ten years of the MAD*L™, Jeremy has partnered with the Vinyl Thoughts Nation to bring you The Vinyl Thoughts Art Show 5 – MAD*L Makers. Each of the artists in the show will be using the MAD*L™ as their base figure for at least one vinyl custom. It’ll be very interesting to see where each of the artists takes this iconic piece.




Allan Armenta

Also known as Alarment, Allan Armenta is a native New Mexican who was raised on a healthy dose of 80’s toys and cartoons.

Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck paints on canvas, murals on walls and pretty much anything else he can get his hands on.

M. Clancey

With influences ranging from fellow customizers to comic illustrators, sculptors and Hollywood “monster makers,” lifelong New York resident M.Clancey has always gravitated towards the visual arts.


Dallas based artist. Passionate about creating custom vinyl artwork. I dabble in watercolors, sketch at the zoo, and mold critters in clay.


RX is born on a dark and stormy night. A chronic pessimist, he decides to become a famous cartoonist or to rule the world.


wake-the-dead is a professional antique porcelain restoration artist and business owner of sublime antique restorations

The Vinyl Thoughts Art Show was voted one of 2013′s top five art events in Dallas by readers of The Dallas Observer.

Creatures 4 Kids


Brave Bots
Brave Bots


In 2013, Vinyl Thoughts partnered with Gary Hirsch to help bring his popular Brave Bots to a local children’s hospital. The small Bots, painted on dominoes, are to be brought out whenever you might need a bit more bravery. It’s a perfect fit for children battling illnesses and Gary created the first program at Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland where he not only created hundreds of the bots for children admitted to the hospital, he also created an art installation showcasing the creations.

It was fortuitous timing that brought Gary to Dallas. It turns out, he was looking to expand his Brave Bot program at the same time we were looking for additional creative charitable endeavors. Gary, who speaks on collaboration, wanted a true collaboration with the Vinyl Thoughts artists. He painted half of a Brave Bot on 400 dominoes, then shipped them to Dallas where local artists filled in the remaining half. The finished Bots were donated to a local children’s hospital where we also created a program where kids not only get a Brave Bot to help them through their stay, they also have the opportunity to create their own. Kids are encouraged to give their Brave Bot to a sibling, parent, doctor, nurse or even a fellow patient whom they feel could use a little extra bravery.


as a team


Shelby Miller

The guiding force behind the show.

Cody Phillips

The artistic force behind the show.

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