JZamoraJ. Zamora aka Zamurai is still fairly new to the vinyl toy scene, having shown work at only two venues including: Vinyl Thoughts 2 and 3, as well as the ATAMA Show me the Munny show.  Most of his work is inspired by pop culture, video games, comics, and movies.  He also works in traditional media as well; including sculpture and canvas painting.  Hoping to establish himself within the DFW vinyl art community, he is always willing to contribute and participate in local gallery events and shows, charity events and even online contests. J. Zamora is a teacher by profession and only pursues art as a hobby at this time but is hoping to increase his level of influence and get his work into the hands of collectors around the world, and as such is always open for commissions.  Like his page on facebook at www.facebook.com/ZamuraiCustoms and follow him on Instagram username: Zamurai27 for pictures of his current and past work as well as information regarding his upcoming appearances.