JessicaCazobonJessica Cazobon has been showing art in DFW since 2004. She has worked to help establish the F6 Gallery Collective since its inception six years ago while also attending the University of Texas at Arlington where she earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in glassblowing. It was there that she discovered her love for sculpting and creating in three dimensions. Seeing as how the Texas heat is hardly conducive to blowing glass in front of a 2000 degree furnace, Jessica has since turned her focus to painting and sculpting vinyl toys in the comfort of her air conditioned home. She has always had an affinity for the off beat, and it comes through in the creatures she creates. Her artwork is a mixture of vibrant colors and walks the fine line between creepy and cute. While she is not making art, she enjoys long walks on the beach and looking at cute pictures of puppies on the internet.