NvadeOnce graffiti vandal now turned graffiti artist with a purpose, Nvade’s artwork has been seen over the past decade and a half, at youth camps & retreats, graffiti workshops, school assemblies, community hip hop art shows and IC productions.

Nvade has been a part of the Dallas Graffiti scene since 1997. During high school, he teamed up with a group of friends and joined the now, legendary Infinity Crew. Over the last decade, he has been traveling to schools & churches across the US to speak and help shed light on the positive route on this art form and to help students embrace their own God given talent. He has also been invited to have his art displayed at several art galleries around Texas and New York. Annually during Summer time, you can find Nvade and his wife Kathy conducting a week long hands-on graffiti workshop at Pre-Teen Impact at Christ For The Nations and Blazefest Youth Camp in New York City. Locally, you can find Nvadeā€™s live graffiti expo and toy work at art events hosted by the Rec Shop, Just.Us League, ATAMA, and Vinyl Thoughts Nation.
His artwork comes in the form of traditional graffiti on walls, on canvases, self made comics, customizing vinyl toys, sculpting, screen and digital prints, and self own hand sown plush toy line called Plush Life Toys. Plush Life Toys uses a “buy one, give one” model. With every product you purchase, Plush Life Toys will help a child in need in the US. Every child holds on to that one toy, plush or doll, especially during their time of fear and need of knowing everything will be okay. Plush Life Toys solely exist to provide that security for them. Hopefully, Plush Life Toys can find a home in your personal and/or child’s collection.
Here are Nvade’s social media links:
Instagram & Twitter @plushlifenvade
Facebook Fan Page: Nvade IC